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Hair Tips

Gorgeous hair, we all want it and it has never been easier to have! We have so many options when it comes to buying products it can be a very confusing process. And unless you’re a celebrity, you probably don’t have a professional stylist around to make your product choices and style your hair for you. Unfortunately, to achieve certain looks it does take some effort. But take heart! With a few simple guidelines, a little know-how, and some great shortcuts, anyone can achieve the look they desire.

Getting gorgeous hair is a lot easier than you think. Just follow some basic guidelines, create a simple haircare regime, and be patient.

Shampoo and condition everyday/every other day. Use a deep conditioner/mask once a week. Use a large tooth comb for combing out wet hair. This will be much gentler on the hair. Receive exclusive in-salon conditioning treatments once a month or anytime after receiving a color service. This will actually help prolong the life of your color and help slow down the fading process. Use a heat protection product when blow drying, styling or using flat irons and curling irons. Use the recommended amount of products and layer/mix/cocktail according to directions. Start with a small amount as you can always add more as needed. Receive regular “trims” to keep hair ends fresh and even and prevent split ends.
When it comes to purchasing products, buy the best you can afford. Often we get what we pay for. Less expensive products or grocery store brands will often use cheap fillers that not only make products less effective they can actually cause damage in the long run. Many high quality products are so concentrated that they actually last twice as long because they are more “pure” in their construction.

Pre-dry. This will save you time and effort. Remove excess moisture, you’ll want to get the hair to about 70% dry but still have moisture so the hair will be pliable and mold around the brush. Brush selection. Use a natural or bore bristle brush to smooth hair, metal or ceramic brushes will tend to give you more volume and lift, and flat brushes will more often give you a smooth finish with lots of movement.

We recommend always sectioning the hair as this will help limit the amount of tangling around the brush and let you blowdry only the section that you are working on. Cool it. The cool button is there for a reason! Finishing each section with a blast of cool air helps seal the hair cuticle and wards off frizz. Go both ways. Especially for the very front section. Brush the hair from side to side concentrating on drying the roots which ever way you are brushing. Continue brushing side-to-side and to the front and to the back and then back into its final destination. We call this “wrap drying” and this will help create a more “seamless” look with lots of movement. Finish. Any way you want. Use a hair spray, spray shine, paste, or smoothing serum to achieve your desired finish.

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Was at the Salon last weekend for my daughter’s wedding. The girls all did a great job. Everyone at the Salon is friendly and patient. Always a fun experience.

Terry Glancey

Great staff, always quality work! You wanna look like a million bucks? Go to Salon Reign!!

Lisa Camp

A true gem of a salon! Kim is a genius and has made my hair look better and healthier than it has in years! Beautiful atmosphere – professional kind people- it’s truly what a salon should be! Love it!!

Nicole Leitz

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